Whether for the business traveller or the tourist - Erbach is the optimum starting point for excursions to places of interest and experience worlds (e.g. Legoland). Numerous leisure possibilities (e.g. bath lake).

On the Donau, on the edge the Schwäbische Alb (by car, road or wheel well accessible) lies Erbach, a young town with a more than 700-year-old history.

A marvellous bath possibility expects you in the Erbacher bath lake. In direct neighborhood a big mini-gulf layout is also.

The standing out already landmarks visible far away of the town are a castle Erbach and the Catholic church St. Martin.

During the summer months the castle court with his mighty chestnut trees forms an atmospheric scenery for concerts and performances.

->  www.erbach-donau.de

Lying 12 km to the north-east of Erbach, the former free imperial town of Ulm offers a varied programme in places of interest, cultural possibilities and leisure possibilities. First the Gothic construction of "Ulmer Münsters" with the highest steeple of the world, Ulm is to be called of course far away visible landmark.

The Gothic  "Rathhaus" and the  "Schwörhaus" as well as the rests of the medieval Old Town which outlasted the war in particular the  "Fischerviertel" with the "Schiefen Haus" count to the other historic architectural monuments of Ulm. The former minster and the baroque library hall are also worth seeing in the district of Wiblingen.

Culturally Ulm offers a theatre and a varied film offer. Ulmer museum with his inventories from art and art craft, the prehistoric collections and the German bread museum round the offer.


->   www.ulm.de

16 km northwesterly from Erbach, already on the Schwäbische Alb, there lies Blaubeuren. Apart from the picturesque medieval local core the old district of the Benedictine's cloister is particularly to be mentioned. The construction exemplary for a Gothic cloister layout shows one of the nicest choral constructions of the German Middle Ages and a worth seeing minster in which particularly the high altar of 1493 is to be mentioned. The landmark of Blaubeuren is the "Blautopf", a deep blue pond from which itself under water a branched cave system deeply drags onto the limestone the nightmare. Here arises the  flow the  "Blau" which flows in Ulm into the Donau.


->   www.blaubeuren.de
In a journey time of approx. 45 minutes you reach the Legoland Germany near Günzburg.

In the Legoland there is more than 40 fantastic attractions and shows. Click on the link below to get to know more.


->  www.legoland.de
... and more:
In the other surroundings (approx. 1 driving hour) the "Swabian sea", Lake of Constance, with his numerous places of interest and leisure possibilities has lain. In the same time the "Allgäu" with his high recreational value is accessible. You will inspire the unique scenery, cultural assets like the castle "Neuschwanstein".

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